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What is an MSc?

Master of Science in Management

Most MSc in Management or Master of Management programs are structured as pre-experience graduate studies. MScs differ from traditional MBAs in that full-time work experience is not a requirement and most programs have a specialized theme that builds on the foundation of your undergraduate studies. The MSc in Management provides students with a focused curriculum which can be leveraged as a competitive advantage in the market.

Often, with the MBA, students are looking for a career transition following their work experience, in function, industry or location. The MSc program at Ivey provides you the opportunity to take control and kick-start your career from your first role.

What You Learn

Although the MSc is a Master of Science in Management, one common misconception is that this is a traditional science program. The MSc aims to prepare future world business leaders by incorporating deeper levels of understanding about management practices through applied research and analysis, which is where it derives its scientific lean. 

Real-World Experiences

The Ivey MSc program, like other Ivey programs, is committed to Case-Method Learning. It's not just teaching, it's a powerful decision-making approach that becomes ingrained into how you operate. Full and intensive immersion into academic readings, guest speakers, corporate-led workshops, consulting projects, real-world labs and skills seminars.

MBA vs. MSc

  MSc Master of Science in Management MBA Master of Business Administration
Requirements GMAT score may be required. GMAT score required to apply.
Work Experience Pre-experience (0-2 years)*.

*Work experience considered after the completion of an undergraduate degree

Post-Experience (2-5 years)*.

*Most top MBA programs

Classmates Average age is 23 years old. Average age ranges from 27-30 years old.
Program Content Specialized degrees in specific Business disciplines: General management based.
Prerequisite Education No business background necessary**.

**Strong quantitative background recommended for Business Analytics stream only.

No business background necessary.
Program Length 16 months, with January 2020 (International Business) and September 2020 (Digital Management) starts  12 months, with March start.
Professional Goals Gain specialized knowledge to build on an undergraduate degree when launching your career. Accelerate your career and/or change job function or industry.

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