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Career Advantage

Prepare for Long-Term Career Success

Ivey has one of the largest and most qualified Career Management (CM) departments in North America. The Career Management team’s mandate is to provide you with the tools and resources needed to navigate your career path well into the future.

Although it is up to you to land the post-MSc job, the integrated curriculum and expertise that you will receive from Ivey’s CM team are unmatched. Our consistently strong graduate employment rates and the success of our alumni, are a true testament to the talent and resources of our Career Management team.

From the Beginning

Your interactions with the Career Management team start before you are even accepted into the Ivey MSc Program. Career Management plays a critical role in our admissions process, interviewing candidates to ensure that their career goals and expectations are defined, realistic, and achievable. Your admissions interview is the starting point of your relationship with our Career Advisors, which will last throughout your time at Ivey.

Career advisors partner with students to advise and coach on career and recruiting topics, both individually (e.g., one-on-one appointments) and in groups (e.g., classes and workshops).

Ivey’s career advisors focus on empowering students with the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to reach their recruiting and career goals, with a special focus on cultivating communication skills. Students learn how to communicate with intention, differentiate themselves in the job market, present themselves with polish and professionalism, and make strong career decisions throughout their time in the program and beyond.

Students can partner with career advisors in individual appointments for a variety of topics, including:

  • Defining and mapping out career strategies
  • Creating and executing action plans to build and maintain networks of professional relationships
  • Learning and practicing interview skills
  • Refining and polishing application documents, including resumes and cover letters
  • Learning to navigate offer conversations
  • Learning and practicing networking skills

Career Management Essentials (CME)

As a critical component of core curriculum, CME classes are built directly into Term 1 of programming. CME begins in your first week in the program and runs approximately twelve weeks. Our CM team will work with you on everything from understanding market expectations and preparing a compelling resumé and cover letter, to networking tips and interview coaching.

Recruiting at Ivey

Your recruiting journey starts from the moment you begin to discover your strengths, interests, motivators, and values, and start exploring potential jobs, functions, companies, and industries. From there, interviewing, getting the offer, and having an offer conversation lead up to signing that coveted employment agreement and saying yes to your first job upon graduation.

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