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MSc Leadership Essentials

The Ivey MSc will shape you to be a new kind of manager – one who can adapt and thrive anywhere in the world. You’ll accelerate your leadership capabilities by developing Ivey Leadership Essentials – five core traits that will sharpen your decision-making skills and help you to kick-start your career.

Take action

The world is getting smaller and today’s companies face new environments, different cultures, and shifts in market dynamics. As you work through cases where you analyze data, develop alternatives, and make choices, you’ll gain powerful decision-making skills that will become ingrained in how you operate. No matter the complexity, you can quickly act with confidence.

Communicate persuasively

Strong leaders are confident leaders. That’s why the Ivey classroom is the place for controversy, confrontation, and debate. You’ll have plenty of chances to make your argument, test your ideas, and spur people to action. All while being challenged by your classmates and faculty. You’ll master how to make and defend your recommendations in any situation.

Leverage team talent

You’re part of one of the most diverse classes at Ivey and that offers you the opportunity to benefit from your classmates’ backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences. You’ll gain as much from each other as you do from the classroom. Working in teams on projects, you’ll bridge the gap between people and perspectives and unite groups toward a common goal.

Manage priorities

The real world isn’t simple, it’s a juggling act every day. You’ll tackle classroom discussions, corporate-led workshops, consulting projects, labs, and skills seminars that will mirror real life. It will change the way you think, act, and lead. You’ll learn to focus on what really matters and get to the heart of issues.

Embrace complexity

The world is changing rapidly and the future is unpredictable. You’ll journey through multi-disciplined business problems that will prepare you to make and defend decision in the midst of uncertainty and to identify the innovative practices that organizations need to succeed.

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