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  • Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Course Description

Digital technologies now impact pretty much every company and every aspect of business. Distinctive digital capabilities often enable new business capabilities -- even new business models -- which, in turn, dramatically alter competitive situations. Digitalization transcends the domain traditionally called “information systems,” and it traverses business departments. In fact, according to MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR), more than 60% of the average corporate spend on digital technologies within digitally advanced companies happens outside the IT Department.

This course surveys this new digital context for conducting business. It begins with the economics of disruption and platform competition, and then surveys digitalization-based changes across traditional business disciplines.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will learn economic and business strategy principles that allow them to understand the competitive implications of digitalization – new capabilities, business models, and modes of value creation.
  2. Students will gain specific knowledge of how digitalization impacts particular industries, and how these impacts manifests in particular business disciplines (e.g., finance, marketing).
  3. Students will learn to communicate in the language of digital economics and business, and gain a sense of how to use deploy new capabilities offered by digital technologies to accomplish business outcomes.
  4. Students will emerge from the course with the enthusiasm and confidence to architect digitalized business solutions.


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