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  • Entrepreneurship and Growth

Entrepreneurship and Growth

Course Description

As a foundation for understanding the process of starting and growing a venture, in this course we will focus on key elements of the entrepreneurial process from starting up (the processes for “searching” and “screening” business ideas and then the development of those ideas in the “planning,” “setup” and “startup” of new ventures) to scaling up. Students will experience the entrepreneurial process through cases, learning assignments, and projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what goes into “searching” for opportunities (spotting problems, proposing coherent solutions, and developing a portfolio of opportunities) and have practice doing so;
  • Understand what goes into “screening” opportunities and have practice doing so;
  • Know how to solve problems arising in unstructured situations in new ventures through “planning;
  • Understand the next steps that are needed in the “setup” and “startup” of a venture once an opportunity is sufficiently developed; and,
  • Understand the challenges of growing the business beyond the startup stage.


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