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Frontier Markets

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Course Description

Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are faced with tremendous challenges as they enter the new decade. The global pandemic, trade wars, as well as declining growth rates and rising labor costs in top foreign direct investment locations are some of the developments that have caused MNEs to reconsider their supply chains and global risk exposures.

One important strategy to address these changing conditions is to shift focus towards frontier markets (if not already considering these from the outset) – those countries which exhibit greater challenges but also higher growth potentials than other emerging economies that are further advanced. Often, these markets possess untapped resources and are not as dependent on global economic trends as other countries, offering significant potential especially for first and early movers. With the right strategy, businesses can make a significant return while also playing a role in the social and economic development of that market.

Designed to broaden your perspective in more ways than one, this course will not only help you gain an understanding and appreciation of frontier markets – but also equip you with novel insights and analytical approaches that will allow you to think differently about markets at home.

Learning Outcomes

This course provides a thorough introduction to the strategic, organizational, and managerial implications related to frontier markets. The goal is to equip students from any background with essential knowledge for careers in the current global economic environment. Students will:

  • gain a nuanced appreciation of the opportunities and challenges associated with entering and operating in a frontier market;
  • enhance their decision-making and problem-solving skills in the context of frontier markets through readings, cases, class discussions, and interactions with experts;
  • sharpen analytical skills by utilizing data, conducting research, and practicing critical thinking; and,
  • develop and apply research capabilities related to frontier markets.


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