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Communication is key to success in every aspect of your professional and personal life. Learning how to communicate effectively in the world of work is a differentiator--especially for individuals who strive to lead initiatives, projects and people. Whether you are in consulting, data analytics, finance, investment services, management, marketing, product development, sales or literally in any organizational role, the ability to have impact with what you say and how you say it... matters. This course is about learning to move beyond communicating well at work... and becoming a professional who understands how to communicate in a compelling and persuasive manner. You will learn the skills you need to communicate and have influence in the business environment. You will develop an understanding about targeting your message and flexing your style to your audience--whether they are down the hall or located half way around the world, whether they think like you or are your polar opposite. Transitioning from being an individual contributor to being a leader requires strong communication and interpersonal skills. It also requires a willingness to be self reflective and challenge yourself to stretch beyond your comfort zone.