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  • Global Supply Chain Management

Global Supply Chain Management

Course Description

The course is composed of 10 class sessions that focus on the fundamentals of supply chain management. Topics covered include organization, supply processes and technology, lean supply chains, supplier selection and evaluation, transportation, distribution, logistics, metrics, reverse logistics and supply chain strategy. Every effort is made to make the methodology as interesting and exciting as possible. This course uses a variety of approaches, including a classroom simulation exercise.

The key question for the course is: What should you know about suppliers and supply chain management to be a good general manager? This can be slightly rephrased into: How can the general manager be sure that his or her supply chain contributes effectively to organizational objectives and strategy and that organizational objectives and strategy properly reflect supply inputs?

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess and evaluate the contribution of suppliers and the opportunities available for organizations to use their supply chains and supply networks to create competitive advantage;
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of existing suppliers, purchasing and supply management organizations, policies and practices;
  • Assess the interrelationships among other organizational functional activities and the supply chain function and the effects of changes in strategies, policies and practices on one another; and,
  • Identify and analyze the major decisions and problems facing managers in this area and to apply the appropriate concepts, tools and techniques in their resolution.


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