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Ivey Global Lab (IGL)

The Ivey IGL is an eight-week international in-company experience taking place during the summer term. The IGL provides International Business stream students the opportunity to gain real life hands-on experience in the business and cultural environment in a developing economy while working for local emerging market firms. Student teams are assigned to a project in either India, Vietnam, or another country, where they will collaborate with top management of an organization to identify and deal with issues, problems and opportunities that are critical to the future success of the organization while being deeply immersed in an unfamiliar culture. The IGL experience equips students with strong project management skills, strategy consulting skills, client-facing interaction and an understanding of business in a cross-cultural context, while developing personal character. Countries and projects may change from year to year. While students may indicate a preference for a certain country and project, students are not guaranteed their preference of country or project. The IGL is designed to fulfill the CEMS MIM practicum requirement.


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