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Course Description

This module is part of the MSc Essentials course, designed as a foundation to aid students in understanding the materials throughout the rest of the MSc program. We will mainly cover the three pillars of marketing (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning).

Learning Outcomes

To develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts and vocabulary of marketing, and a set of analysis skills that will allow students to quickly assess and evaluate marketing situations from a business perspective. The intent is to have you develop a curiosity and interest in marketing, acquire sufficient basic skills to assist your career, and maintain a market orientation, whatever your career path. You should leave the course with well‚Äźdeveloped abilities to:

  • analyze the market and business environment in which an organization is operating;
  • determine the major opportunities and challenges facing the organization;
  • develop a set of alternative marketing strategies, and select the most appropriate one; and,
  • convert your choice into an implementable, differentiated, and profitable action plan.

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