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Business Analytics: Back to School with Pearl

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  • Sep 12, 2017
Business Analytics: Back to School with Pearl

Just to catch everyone up, our class has spent the summer apart at our respective Ivey Analytics Labs and we’re moving on to our third term. It’s pretty hard to believe we’re already more than halfway through our time here at Ivey!

The final deliverable for the IAL was the Client Presentation, held at the beautiful Ivey Tangerine Leadership Center in Toronto. Managers, Human Resource leaders and Senior Managers from our IAL partner companies came to learn about the work each Business Analytics student had completed over the summer term. The company representatives circulated around the room to listen to our presentations asked about our background and were generally curious about our diverse summer lab experiences. This was a really unique opportunity to showcase our skills and demonstrate what we learned - directly to recruiters interested in attracting and developing analytics talent. The process was a lot more engaging and lively than I anticipated, and it was so lovely to get the class back together after spending four months apart. Later that evening, the MSc Association hosted a get-together in Toronto to celebrate all the work we accomplished over the summer!


This term we’re building on all the knowledge we gained during our practicum and diving right into our Simulation, Prescriptive Analytics and Global Strategy coursework. We’re pushing beyond our comfort zone and no longer coding exclusively with R. Through workshops, we’re developing our technical skills in Python, Tableau, CPLEX and Simul8 over the next few weeks. Recruiting events have also been in full swing since returning to campus. Representatives from major companies have been holding information sessions to meet and attract potential hires from Ivey. The process of networking and applying to jobs has certainly kept us busier than usual, but it’s nothing we can’t handle and I’m excited to see where all my friends land jobs over the next few months! Next term, we’ll be rounding out our MSc degree with the Ivey Field Project. In small case teams, we will be providing professional consulting services in order to solve a real-world business problem for our client company.


Start of Term 3 fun at the Palasad!

Coming to Ivey, I expected to gain the most from practicing the Case Method in class, but learning from my classmates has been the most transformative part of my MSc experience. The sense of community has been unreal and I can’t imagine what this program would have been like without the support of my peers. 

To the class of 2019, welcome to the Ivey family and I can’t wait to meet you in January!




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