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MSc · Deeksha Kooner

My Journey at Ivey – Embracing Challenge and Innovation

May 9, 2024

Journey At Ivey

Introduction to My Background

Before I enrolled at Ivey Business School, I believed my path to business was less common, with a psychology undergraduate degree. Without a traditional business background, the decision to join Ivey's MSc in Digital Management (DM) program was both exhilarating and intimidating. Yet, I quickly realized that my peers came from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives and valuable insights to the classroom that enhanced our shared learning experience.

Choosing Ivey Over Other Business Schools

When researching business schools, Ivey stood out distinctly for several reasons. The first reason was the emphasis on experiential learning. What particularly caught my eye was the Ivey Digital Innovation Studio (IDIS), where students engage in sprints with three different companies. This aspect of the program offers practical, hands-on learning opportunities that directly address real challenges, providing an engaging and dynamic educational environment. This approach appealed to me because I learn best by doing rather than just academic education alone.

Additionally, the program's emphasis on building foundational business skills was especially beneficial for someone like me, who came from a non-business background. This preparation enabled me to effectively navigate through complex business challenges and collaborative discussions. Ivey’s integration of digital management into its curriculum was also particularly attractive to me. The opportunity to delve into digital trends and technologies was something I felt was not prominently offered at other institutions. This focus seemed perfectly aligned with the rapidly evolving business landscape, making Ivey a forward-thinking choice that matched my career aspirations in digital innovation.

My First Week at Ivey: A Leap into the Deep End

During my first week at Ivey, I decided to participate in the Adobe x Ivey Digital Innovation Conference (IDIC). Despite my apprehensions about my non-traditional background, this event was transformative. My team advanced to the finals, and the experience was incredibly educational, providing deep insights and valuable lessons. This experience was where I first understood Ivey’s approach to learning: get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Put yourself out there, push your boundaries, and explore different opportunities that Ivey offers to enhance your learning experience!

When I was thrown into a competitive environment without prior experience, I quickly learned the importance of embracing opportunities, however daunting they might appear. This experience was pivotal, not just for my professional growth, but for my personal development as well. The direct feedback and continual practice refined my skills far beyond what traditional classroom learning could have offered.

Contributing to the Ivey MSc DM community

I was motivated by my positive experiences with case competitions and decided to deepen my involvement at Ivey by joining the executive team for IDIC. Alongside the team, I aimed to create more opportunities for students like myself to gain leadership experience and exposure to real business challenges. The goal for IDIC was to also serve as an ideal bridge and preparatory experience to seamlessly lead into IDIS. This conference provided student with valuable practice to sharpen their skills before diving into their project sprints with different companies. My role as VP of Marketing and Communications also opened up a new perspective on the intricacies of planning and executing events, enriching my understanding of what it takes to lead.

Conclusion: Growth Through Challenge

Looking back, Ivey has been more than just a business school for me; it has been a journey of self-discovery and growth. The school’s unique blend of practical learning experiences, coupled with a supportive yet challenging environment, has allowed me to thrive. For anyone coming from a non-business background, Ivey offers a platform to not only catch up but to potentially lead in the evolving business industry.

As I continue my studies and prepare for IDIS, I am constantly reminded of the importance of saying ‘yes’ to new challenges. Don’t be afraid and get involved! It was in these moments, outside of my comfort zone, that I felt that I was truly learning and growing. Ivey has not just enhanced my experiences; it has transformed my approach to both learning and life.