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MSc Program News and Student Blogs

Apr 16, 2018

Get to know the MSc Class of 2019: Finance & Technology Technology Club (MIFTC)

New Class of 2019 = A new MSc Club! As the MSc program continues to grow so to does our student's involvement. Learn about the new MSc Finance and Technology club in our latest blog post.
Apr 13, 2018

Get to know the MSc Class of 2019: MSc Ivey Consulting Club (MICC)

With the overall growth of the MSc in Management program, the MSc's first club MICC see's growth in membership as well. Learn more about the MICC Executive Team and what they hope to accomplish this year!
Apr 9, 2018

Get to know the MSc Class of 2019: MSc Association Executive

Each year our @IveyMScStudents elect a new executive team for the MSc Association. This year MScA executive team is currently taking part in the transition process, to build the events and initiatives created by the 2018 team!
Apr 6, 2018

Get to know the MSc Class of 2019: CEMS President & Student Board Representative

The CEMS Club President and CEMS Student Board Representative represent Ivey Business School on a global level, attending conferences across the world to meet with the other 30 schools in the CEMS network. We have two amazing people representing the 2019 CEMS cohort at Ivey.
Mar 30, 2018

Get to know the MSc Class of 2019: CEMS Executive Team

Last week the CEMS Club Canada team was completed with the election of the Executive Committee. In this blog post, we asked the executive team some hard-hitting questions to get to know them better!
Mar 13, 2018

Get to know the MSc Class of 2019: MSc Communications Team

The time has finally come to introduce our new communications team for 2018-2019! Get to know the students who will be blogging, sharing their stories on Instagram (@iveymscstudentlife) and keeping you up to date on all things Ivey MSc!
Jan 23, 2018

Everything you need to know for the January 2019 Application

Looking to apply for our January 2019 Round 2 Deadline on February 12, 2018? Don't forget to use our online videos and resources to make sure you are ready to hit submit!
Dec 18, 2017

Well, that's a wrap!

T'was the week before the holiday closure and all is quiet in the Ivey building. Our students are off for their winter break, and with all the activities they did this term a rest is well deserved! Learn more about April's final term at Ivey before she heads out on her CEMS-MIM exchange.
Dec 11, 2017

My year as CEMS-MIM Student Board Representative

With the end of 2017 comes the end of the term for our CEMS-MIM Student Board Representative Joshuah Lebacq. In this weeks post, Joshuah shares his experience as a board member and how our students are shaping the future of CEMS.
Dec 1, 2017

Business Analytics: End of Term 3. One more term to go!

With 3/4's of the MSc program already complete, MSc Business Analytics student Emi takes a look back at term 3 in this weeks blog post!