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MSc Program News and Student Blogs

Aug 4, 2017

Ivey Analytics Lab Update : Emi & Marium

Only a few more weeks of the Ivey Analytics Lab for our Business Analytics students! To continue to showcase the IAL projects and companies that our students work with during the lab students Emi & Marium share their experiences in our latest post.
Jul 31, 2017

Team Nicaragua: Break week travels to Guatemala!

With a week off for their Ivey Global Lab, MSc CEMS Student April used her free time to travel to Guatemala. Read about her experiences hiking Volcanoes, watching waterfalls and exploring rural villages.
Jul 24, 2017

Team India: Two Weeks to go in the Ivey Global Lab!

The weeks are quickly passing by as our students on their Ivey Global Lab are almost done! Read about Tanmay's experience thus far in Pune, India.
Jul 10, 2017

Team Nicaragua: A lot of Gallo Pinto!

Students who travel to Nicaragua for their Ivey Global Lab have the unique opportunity to experience a one-week homestay. Tayler and April share their homestay experience and travels to Managua in their latest blog.
Jun 29, 2017

Ivey Analytics Lab Reflections: Pearl & Glendon

The beginning of July means our IAL students are half way through their 10-week lab! Read more about our students at Info-Tech and 3M here.
Jun 28, 2017

Cultural Comparisons- One month in Vietnam

Back from break week, team Vietnam students note the cultural differences between Canada and their home in Hanoi for the last month!
Jun 23, 2017

Time flies with a good Masala Chai!

Our team India students are now half way through their IGL! This week Katy speaks to her experience thus far, break week adventures and the start of a love affair with Masala Chai.
Jun 13, 2017

Team Vietnam: Two Students, Two Trips, One Location

Members of the MSc 2018 class are the first group to travel to Vietnam for their Ivey Global Lab placements. This week learn what two of our students did in their free time!
Jun 7, 2017

Business Analytics: A Reflection on Term 1

The Business Analytics students have had quite an eventful last month. The end of Term 1, the inaugural "Hack the Case' competition and starting their Ivey Analytics Lab Placements.
May 31, 2017

Not for the Faint of Heart- Nicaragua Pre-Trip Adventures

This week we hear from Team Nicaragua students April and Tayler. Organizing their own pre-trip these students share their experiences on route to their IGL destination. Please be warned this post will make you #Jealous.