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Ivey MSc Profile Assessment

The Ivey MSc in Management is a great fit for individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree within the past two years. The program will build on your undergraduate experience and open up new opportunities for you with a complementary specialization.

Please review our admissions requirements page for more details. 

Submit your LinkedIn profile page and/or resumé and find out if the Ivey MSc Program is the right fit for your career goals.

To ensure you are inquiring about the right program, please confirm you meet the following criteria: 

  • You have graduated no more than three years (four years for Business Analytics) prior to the start of the MSc in Management.
  • You are willing to relocate to London, Ontario for 16-months. 
  • You have less than three years full-time work experience (four years for Business Analytics)
  • You have not already received a RA response for this program within the last 2 months

The MSc is a pre-experience masters program for recent graduates of a Bachelor's program and have graduated, or expect to graduate, between 2018-2022, and those with limited or no work experience. To learn more about the candidate profile, we would encourage you to visit our admissions requirements here

We encourage you to review alternative Masters Programs requirements and submit your profile.


The Ivey Master of Management in Analytics Program is a while-you-work program for those with undergraduate coursework in Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics/Probability, or Computer Programming. You must be living and working in Canada with demonstrated work experience (2-10 years from time of graduation) working with data and information. Submit your Masters of Management in Analytics profile.

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