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Corinne Peters, MSc ’19 Business Analytics, Lead Analyst for NYC Football Club and retired Canadian National Sailing Team athlete, on merging your passions to forge a new path

When she decided to retire from the Canadian National Sailing Team, Corinne Peters, MSc BA ’19, wanted to find a way to blend her passion for sports and numbers into new a career.

And while she didn’t expect she’d be able to leverage her undergrad degree in Math in a way that allowed her to continue to work with athletes, that’s exactly what happened after she began her MSc in Business Analytics at Ivey.

As part as the Ivey Analytics Lab (IAL), the program’s work summer placement, she was paired with Stathletes Inc., a Canadian hockey analytics company that specializes in microdata collection. She worked there as a hockey analyst using player and team data to help inform on-ice decisions.

That role led to a position as Data Analyst with the Tampa Bay Rays, and then to her current job as Lead Analyst for NYC Football Club.

She credits Ivey with helping her not only make the connection with Stathletes, but also providing her with the business skills she needed to use her capabilities tin a new way.

“I had so much of the technical background from Math, but Ivey helped me pull all my skills together to be marketable,” says Peters.

Working though cases in the classroom also helped Peters hone her ability to translate technical information in a way those making crucial decisions could interpret and understand.

“There were a few classes that I took about how to present technical information to non-technical audiences – presenting technical information to stakeholders – and that’s literally what my job is now, to take something very technical and present it to the rest of the business, make it something that they find useful in their decision-making,” she says

“It’s one of the things that I noticed that I have that other people don’t have, and I think that comes from the time at Ivey.”

That ability to communicate effectively, as well as skills gained around flexibility and thinking on her feet, have been particularly useful, she adds, give that “in sports, your teams are so small that you do have to wear multiple hats, being the person that does the analysis and also the person who presents it.”

“Looking back, it was the best program for me to get the ‘merge’ of everything: The technical skills that I wanted to improve on, and the business skills that I did not have but gained through the case studies, as well as the ability to communicate and network,” she says.

“It all kind of came together.”

MSc '19

Ivey Business School

Corinne Peters

Corinne Peters

Lead Analyst, NYC Football Club

Tampa Bay, United States