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Digital Management Testimonials

Sarai - MSc DM - Intro & Why Ivey

Hey Guys! Hope you enjoyed watching it! Comment below any questions you have.

Sarai - MSc DM - Day in the life of an Ivey student

Hi everyone, this is what a typical day looks like at Ivey but online for the time being.

Sarah - MSc DM - Introduction & Why I Chose Ivey

Get to know me and learn why I chose the Ivey Business School for my Masters of Science in Management (MSc.)

Entering the MSc Program with a Science vs. Business Background

The Ivey MSc program has its diverse set of backgrounds and Kenzie and I will unpack all there is to know about entering the program from either.

Kenzie - MSc DM - Introduction & Application Advice

Here are insights and my initial experience of the MSc Digital Management Program at Canada's leading business school!

Jun Huang - MSc DM - Intro & Why Ivey

A brief introduction to the MSc in Digital Management stream at the Ivey Business School.

Janadhi - MSc DM - Why I Chose My Program & Application Advice

Taking viewers through my own application process and why I chose Ivey.

Tosin Ojulari - MSc DM - Why Ivey?

Tosin Ojulari provides her take on why she chose Ivey.

Tosin Ojulari – MSc DM - Ivey Career Management

Tosin Ojulari talks about her experience with Ivey’s Career Management team.

Tosin Ojulari – MSc DM - Clubs & Extra Curriculars

Tosin Ojulari explains how you can get involved in clubs at Ivey.