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Erin Ball

Briefly describe your background and profile. Think about how Ivey is/will complement your own personal background and experience

I completed my undergraduate studies in international business and supply chain. However, I felt that there was still more that I wanted to learn, specifically regarding international business. Additionally, my goal of working within the strategic operations of a company meant that I had to further develop my management skills. I felt that the MSc in Management – International Business would be the perfect fit to fill those gaps.

How do you see the case-method developing you as a business leader?

The case-method approach is actually one of the main reasons that I chose to pursue my Masters at Ivey. I had previous experience learning with cases and loved how you could have great discussions filled with critical thinking. It is amazing how much you retain from a lively case debate, compared to lecture slides.

Cases prepare you as a business leader in that it provides you with a systematic approach to solving problems. While you may not directly find yourself in the exact same problem outlined in the case, you become equipped with the skillset of breaking down large problems into manageable pieces for analysis.

What were you most nervous about when you began the program? Has that nervousness eased?

The first week of classes, I struggled with feelings of Imposter Syndrome. Being surrounded by high-performers with impressive histories, I truly felt that I must have somehow “snuck in” to the program. At the time, I didn’t even have a name for what I was feeling. However, after discussing this with family members - and later my classmates - I learned that I was not alone in this feeling. In fact, it is quite common.

After the first-week jitters were behind me, I started feeling more confident in my abilities. By diving in and fully immersing myself in this experience, I was able to overcome this feeling that I didn’t belong. You learn quickly in an Ivey classroom that you need to put yourself out there and get involved. It has not taken me long to feel comfortable in these surroundings. The incredible faculty, Program Services team, and my peers have all made me realize how much I enjoy being a part of this community. It is unbelievable how, in such a short amount of time, I could go from feeling like an imposter to not being able to imagine studying anywhere else.

Erin Ball

MSc '21

Ivey Business School

Erin Ball

Erin Ball

MSc in International Business 2021