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Student Profile

MSc IB + CEMS 2017

I always knew I wanted to be in business but I would describe my path here as anything but traditional. Throughout undergrad I pursued social science, economics, and business courses targeting a career in central banking. After two summers with the Asset Management team at the Bank of Canada, I decided such a structured, monolithic government organization wasn’t for me. Upon graduation, I worked for Berq Capital, a small VC in Toronto who dealt exclusively with greenteach/cleantech projects. Berq was fast-paced, high-impact, client-facing work and something I enjoyed immensely. The first days working at the VC firmed up my decision to pursue a career in business and, to enable me to go far, research (and everyone I encountered in Toronto for work it seemed), told me that Ivey was my best option.

My work experience at the Bank of Canada and Berq Capital is what differentiates me the most from my classmates. Nearly a year working in the financial district has grounded me in a lot of the business concepts that we’re taught at Ivey but, more importantly, given me the mindset and client-facing relation building piece that is an asset not just at business school, but in the professional world as well. My role at the VC was that of an internal Management Consultant and in that function, you quickly realize how important it is to be able to effectively communicate ideas in addition to simply having the correct ideas. In our discussion-based classes, a real-world perspective adds value to often theoretical solutions. When combined with analytical rigor and multiple perspectives that my very dynamic classmates bring, all of it together makes for a fuller conversation and, eventually, the correct business decision.

I greatly enjoyed my role as a consultant and the education, experiences, and network that Ivey provides will enable me to be as competitive as possible when recruiting for a full-time position. After a two-month assignment in India as part of the Ivey Global Lab, I spent the remainder of the summer again in Toronto working for Union Strategy, a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategy, brand, and M&A advisory. The education, experience, and network that Ivey provides has allowed me to find a summer position and will help me as I pursue a full-time career in consulting.

The one piece of advice I have for prospective students is to really know how Ivey will fit into your career. Ivey is good, but it isn’t a Hail Mary — you need to really put out effort both in and outside the classroom to succeed. Just because you have the “Ivey” name does not mean you will succeed, but if you are a bright, engaged individual already, Ivey will open doors. Keeping that in mind, don’t forget to enjoy the experience: all-night group projects, midnight rickshaws in India, some truly great friends you’ll make along the way — it may not always feel like it at the time but enjoy the moment.



  • BA Geography, Western University