Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab

Canadian Business Frontiers Conference

  • Nov 1, 2018

The Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab is collaborating with three other Ivey research centres to convene leaders to discuss the role of business in ensuring technology will have a positive impact on Canadians. 

Technology is disrupting the ways we work and live (and faster than ever before). Some developments are clearly positive, such as the access to capital that is provided through FinTech. 

Some disruptions, like the use of cryptography to moderate transactions, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the concentration of data in the hands of few have the potential to result in positive and negative impacts. Our future depends on the choices we make and how we manage the implementation of these technologies. 

If we want to shape society for the better, we must make informed decisions about our future. Technology does not exist in isolation and this cross-sector dialogue is needed to ensure positive change and sustainable outcomes for the benefit of our society. 

The Canadian Business Frontiers Conference will convene top leaders in finance, energy, health and government November 9th in Toronto to discuss the impact of technological disruption on our economy and society. 

This conversation is important for a few reasons:

  1. Progress on the biggest, toughest challenges requires cross-sector dialogue;
  2. We have convened top speakers from Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. to share their insights and discuss what the future has in store;
  3. We each have an opportunity and responsibility to shape the future of our organizations and our nation.

The Canadian Business Frontiers Conference will be hosted by four research centres at the Ivey Business School (Building Sustainable Value Centre, Centre for Health Innovation, Energy Policy and Management Centre, and Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab). The Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab is proudly sponsoring students — Canada’s future leaders — to participate in this important event.

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