The Role of the Ivey Advisory Board

Since the founding of the Western Business School in 1948, the School has benefited from the support of an Advisory Committee, consisting of influential members of the business community in Canada. In 1997, the Advisory Committee was restructured into an active and influential Advisory Board of Directors and has become a true strategic strength for Ivey.

The new Ivey Advisory Board exists to help further the mission and aims of the Ivey Business School. It acts as a visible body of leadership, influence and support with the external constituencies Ivey serves. The Board provides a link to those individuals and organizations with the resources, knowledge, and contacts the School requires to achieve its objectives and fulfil its mission.

The Ivey Advisory Board has four principal functions:

Advise the School, through the Dean, on issues that have the most significant impact on the accomplishment of the School's mission and strategy. Assist in the development of and on-going review of the School's long-term planning and special initiatives. Represent the interests and needs of external constituencies to the School.

Communicate, endorse and advocate the School's interests to external constituencies such as the University administration and business community, to raise its profile as a leading management education provider, and to engender support and understanding of its goals.

Assist the School in meeting its financial development objectives, through direct participation in the identification and cultivation of significant forms of support from individuals and organizations.

Act as a sounding board to the Dean on issues pertaining to the advancement of the School and the achievement of its vision.