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HBA Brochures

Ivey HBA 2020 Valedictorian Speech Highlights

Ivey Business School’s HBA Valedictorian, Margot Ghersin, addressed the HBA Class of 2020 during the virtual Ivey Pledge and HBA Awards Ceremony on June 16, 2020. In it, Ghersin urges her fellow graduates to be helpful, humble, and to live fulfilling lives.

HBA | Why I Chose Ivey

Students outline their decision making in selecting the Ivey HBA Program, noting the unique program features and emphasis on experiential learning as key highlights.

HBA | Career Management

Students describe their recruiting experience in the Ivey HBA Program and the support of Career Management in helping students prepare for the future.

HBA | Combined Degree

Students discuss their program choice in the first two years of study at Western University prior to starting the Ivey HBA Program in third year. Also shared is the opportunity to pursue one of several Combined Degree options.

HBA Class of 2020 | The Last Lecture Highlights

While it may have been a bittersweet moment, the Ivey HBA Class of 2020 joined together digitally one final time to connect with faculty, gain advice and support from staff, and be welcomed into the Ivey Alumni Network.