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Erik Reid

I am twenty-one years old, and was raised to speak my mind, behave ethically and respectfully, and always strive to realize my potential. I am a highly family-oriented person and the environment at home has greatly influenced how I behave and perceive the world. I've been highly motivated by my academic achievements; however, I am often ready to explore new ideas and concepts and venture outside my comfort zone. In fact, I find the best learning happens outside what I know as being familiar. Achieving my potential means continuous hard work toward my core values, to realize these ideals I have to be confident and determined. Ultimately, I am a confident person and while I consider myself an independent person, it's important for me to reflect on my faith having been raised in a Seventh Day Adventist church. I put my faith in God and understand that part of my purpose is to be a blessing unto others and help them realize their dreams just the same as I strive to realize my own.

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Personal Definition of Sustainability

At the beginning of the year, I believed sustainability was the method by which we as a people must approach our resources so as to use them most effectively; this means that we must act responsibly and with care to extend the life of resources. Personally, I associated sustainability with the handling of renewable resources.

However, now I can expand that definition to state that sustainability is any proactive preparation for the future. A sustainability focused company operates with the understanding that resources are not unlimited and all actions have societal and wastage effects.


As Ivey Sustainability Club Representative for Section 1, I was involved in the water bottle initiative which was planned as a first step toward eliminating the use of plastic water bottles at Ivey. As well, as part of the ISC Rep position, I helped sell and distribute Fair Trade Candygrams in association with the Engineers without borders club.

Outside of the ISC, I haven't been involved in too many sustainability initiatives per se; however, I have been extremely active in my community as a leader, role model, and aid. First, I have had parts in leading various initiatives at my church such as food drives, introducing environmental topics and our role as stewards, volunteering in youth bible studies, and health events. Recently, my club on campus affiliated with the church has organized a health conference to discuss physical, mental, and spiritual health and what these health topics mean to students. In my community, I'm attentive to a certain elderly couple, Mary and her late husband Phil Abboud. Over the last 8 years, I have worked and volunteered to help them in any capacity necessary from lawn maintenance to house watching. The summer of 2013, I intend to continue participation in cancer runs and volunteer wherever I am; in fact my church has recently established a relationship with a London Soup Kitchen and is now helping once a month.

Erik Reid

Erik Reid

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