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After studying medical sciences in my first two years, Ivey has broadened my perspective on the role of businesses within society and the world. I have always wanted to improve the lives of those around me, and now I realize businesses can do just that on a broader scale with their resources and capabilities. I have been involved in a variety of extra-curriculars at Western including the Western University Wind Ensemble (Clarinet!), Taiwanese Association at Western, Western Electronic Gaming Association, Western’s Got Talent. I also enjoy solving Rubik’s Cubes, video games and esports, and learning more about technology.

What is your personal definition of sustainability?

I believe sustainability is the long-term improvement of human society, in other words supporting a better world for future generations. There are so many more aspects to it outside of environmental sustainability such economic or social aspects.

For example, non-profits that focus on providing homes and food for those in need are sustainable—they provide positive social and economic outcomes in the community. All individuals and businesses should aim to be net positive to society through awareness of their effects on all of these aspects.

What role do you see sustainability playing in your professional career?

I believe that sustainability should play a role in all professional careers regardless of industry, market, or the scope of the job. All leaders who are in a position to make impact should make decisions that do not have an overall negative effect on our society’s sustainability.

Throughout my leadership journey so far, I have always focused on serving those around me. I plan to bring this same mindset to my career by taking my learnings from this certificate and applying them to improve the lives of others. I am very interested in healthcare and its focus on patient outcomes and I hope to be able to make impact there during my career.

I also hope to engage in pro-bono and/or social impact work throughout my career to help smaller NPOs or start-ups improve their operations, financials, and more so that they can fulfill their mission.

What sustainability projects have you been engaged in?

In first year, I was a Senior Commissioner on my Residents’ Council and had a chance to work on environmental sustainability initiatives. This includes our “Love the Earth” day in February where we kept all lights in the residence turned off, a “Recycling Rush” recycling drive where we collected over 100 bags of garbage from the residents, and many more. Our initiatives focused on changing the way students think about energy use and waste in their lives, while striving to make the residence more environmentally friendly. As a result of our work, the council was awarded a Western Green Award in 2019.

I am also currently involved in pro-bono consulting both in my role as HR Coordinator of Parkin Consulting, and as a quality improvement consultant working with a London Health Sciences Centre physician. Parkin Consulting provides consulting services for non-profit organizations and small businesses that focus on a variety of goals such as improving the lives of disabled populations and helping immigrants improve their languages. My work in quality improvement is aimed at streamlining patient flow and decreasing wait times in the intensive care unit of Victoria Hospital.

Andy Chiang

Andy  Chiang

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