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Complimentary Cases for Secondary School Classrooms

Ivey is renowned for its Case-Method of Learning and is a top publisher of business cases worldwide (second only to Harvard). We are pleased to make the following Ivey cases available to secondary school teachers for use in their classes free of charge.

We would be happy to hear any feedback or comments you have regarding these cases. Please note that the Teaching Notes are password protected and for teachers only. To obtain the password, please email

Medi-Displays Inc.

George Robson, new controller for Medi-Displays Inc. (MDI), has been asked by the firm’s president to review a request from a customer, PharmaMart, to reduce MDI’s selling price on its specialty narcotics cabinets from $4,200 /unit to $2,650/unit.

Cost BehaviourManagerial Analysis

TLC Pools Ltd.

TLC Pools Ltd. (TLC) is a commercial pool service company that provides pool maintenance and lifeguard services for apartment building pools. Paul, one of TLC’s best division supervisors, was having problems because one of his employees, Cindy Carruthers, was not fulfilling her duties.

Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

Carson Planters

Carson Planters (CP) is a small family-owned business that manufactures plastic pots for plants. Recently, Richard and Kathy, sole owners of CP, have received a large special order from a major national retail chain, subject to certain restrictive terms and conditions.

Cost BehaviourManagerial Analysis

Eternal Faucets Limited

Although all planning and financial projections for fiscal 2015 had been prepared, the president of Eternal Faucet Limited had just informed Greg Lawrence, chair of Eternal Faucet Limited’s planning committee, of an opportunity to purchase several new production machines.

Accounting (Managerial)

Ontario Products

Elise Hoffman recently purchased Ontario Products, a distributor of crafts and gifts to retailers in the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada. After three months of operations, Hoffman’s supplier called very upset because his bank had returned Hoffman’s last two cheques to him as NSF (meaning not-sufficient funds).


Whitewater Specialties Limited

Peter Winford, general manager of Whitewater Specialties, Kelowna, B.C., was trying to decide whether to continue to pursue a potentially large order of fiberglass fascia signs from a major Canadian retailer.


Strand Art Products

Peter Brady was the owner of a small manufacturing company, Strand Art Products. Brady wondered if he should accept an offer from a large Canadian retail chain store to produce 2,000 cartons (36,000 mirrors).

OperationsAccounting (Managerial)

Josie's Flowers

Josie Bailer must decide whether to open a small flower shop in a new plaza opening near her existing retail box plant lot in a year’s time. She has done some research into the revenue and cost sides of flower shops.


Terra Minerals Limited

John Parson, president of Terra Minerals Ltd., has just discovered that one of his highly regarded and recently promoted executives, Steve Bartlett, had previously been terminated from a company because of a drug abuse problem.

Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

Berdytch Clothing Ltd.

Christina Berdytch’s grandmother, Josie Berdytch, wants to retire from the family’s clothing manufacturing business. There were operating and marketing problems that needed attention in addition to general management issues.

Financial AnalysisGeneral Management

Regent Flooring Inc.

Chad Bartos, owner of Regent Flooring Inc., had experienced slow sales in the summer but was anticipating a busy fall. He must determine if his current production operation will produce the projected sales demand for flooring for the upcoming month of September.


Lamrock Limited

Tom Baxter, owner and general manager, must compile financial statements from a year-end listing of adjusted accounts because he is meeting with the bank’s loans manager tomorrow to review Lamrock’s financial statements.

Financial Analysis

Suits for Men, Inc.

Michael Bakshi, owner of Suits for Men, Inc. (Suits), a men’s clothing store, must decide whether to replace his current tailor-made suit line with a line of medium-priced suits.

Accounting (Managerial)


This short case was designed to give students a simple quantifiable overview of production design decisions. The case should be used early in an operations module. Bankruptcy usefully introduces the concept of output, throughput, and inventory carrying costs.


Sports Unlimited (Halifax) Inc.

In an attempt to capitalize on the increasing popularity of soccer, Sports Unlimited Inc. developed two soccer pitches in Greater Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2008, under the management of Sports Unlimited (Halifax) Inc. In 2010, air-supported bubbles were added to cover the pitches each year from mid-October to mid-April, so that the facility could offer indoor soccer during the Canadian winter.


Over the Top Car Care

Jason Lapchinski, an entrepreneur, is considering opening a high-end car detailing business. Along with a solid marketing plan, Jason must assess the financial viability of his proposed venture.


Foremost Department Stores Inc.

Ryan Gregson, vice president of the newly formed customer service department of Foremost Department Stores Inc. (Foremost), must decide what to do about a potential candidate for a key senior position in his department. The candidate, Dianne Reilly, has very strong credentials for the job and appears to be an excellent fit, but a recent discussion with her current regional manager uncovers that she had cancer.

Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

Pharmed First Inc.

The Pharmed First Inc. case illustrates an interpersonal conflict in a retail drug store chain. George Bremner, regional manager, has to decide how to handle a store manager, Angela MacFee, who has openly challenged his authority and questioned his decision making.

Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour

Recreational Living

James MacPherson, CEO of Recreational Living Limited, must decide where to relocate the canoe and leisure craft manufacturing operations.


Pewter Inc.

James Jankowski, general manager of Pewter, Inc., must decide whether to accept a large order from a major retail chain.

Accounting (Managerial)

Scotsman's Delight

Douglad MacDonald must decide whether to go ahead with an entrepreneurial opportunity to wholesale Scottish-themed soft toys and novelties to retailers in North America.

Accounting (Managerial)Entrepreneurship

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