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Centre for Building Sustainable Value · Julia Bevacqua

New accounting project collects counter-accounts during COVID-19

Jul 31, 2020

Breaking Boundaries Banner 2

A new accounting research project is building a snapshot of accounts and counter-accounts during the COVID-19 crisis. The project is entitled “Breaking Boundaries” and aims to offer a lasting record of collective and individual experiences during the lock down and its aftermath.

A driving force behind the project is to promote diversity and openness. This is being done by welcoming a wide range of submission formats and by publishing the final book on an open access platform in multiple languages.

The recently released call for submissions welcomes submissions of all forms, including essays, articles, poetry, photos, artwork, video, and more. The editors are also encouraging submissions beyond the academic network from artists, practitioners, community organizers, students, and anyone else with something to share. In line with this goal for diversity, submissions in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese are all welcome.

This inclusive approach will ensure that many unique voices are not only collected but that the final product can be understood and felt beyond the English-speaking and academic worlds. This project also hopes to establish the accounting discipline’s role in recording key moments in our global history. In today’s world, accounting must go beyond tracking numbers and money. This unique moment in time is the perfect opportunity to cement a new identity for accounting scholarship and practices.

The project is a collaboration between Diane-Laure Arjaliès (Ivey Business School), Yves Gendron (Université Laval), Cheryl Lehman (Hofstra University), Paula Andrea Navarro Pérez (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores), João Paulo Resende de Lima (Universidade de São Paulo), Silvia Pereira de Castro Casa Nova (Universidade de São Paulo), Greg Stoner (University of Glasgow), and Mary Analí Vera-Colina (Universidad Nacional de Colombia).

To learn more, check out the official Call for Submissions (also available in French, Spanish, and Portuguese).