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Ivey MBA vs. Ivey AMBA

Which Program is Best for You?

Are you a better fit for the full-time Ivey MBA Program or the Ivey Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates Program? The answer comes down to what you bring to the class, and what you are looking to get out of the program.


Full-time MBA

Accelerated MBA Business Graduates (AMBA)

Work Experience 2 to 10 years of full-time work experience (avg 5 years). 2 to 10 years of full-time work experience (avg 5 years).
Classmates Average age is 28 years old, 65% domestic and 35% international students. Average age is 28 years old, candidates must be living and working in Canada at the time of application.
Prerequisite Completed undergraduate degree in any discipline. Completed undergraduate degree in business or commerce.
GMAT/GRE Required
*Waivers are available for selected professional designations. Applicants with a STEM or business background can also apply for a waiver. Please visit our website for more details. 
A GMAT/GRE is not required for admission.
Program Start March. November.
Program Length 12 months. 14 months.
Program Delivery In-person, on-campus full-time, (London campus). While-you-work, blended online and in-class format (Toronto campus). Flexible format designed for working individuals.
Career Management Career Management fully integrated into class, and active recruiting from partner firms provide complete support for students looking for a career change. Career coaches and career curriculum complement the program curriculum. Students do not have access to job boards, networking events, clubs, extra-curricular activities etc.
Professional Goals For career switchers, career accelerators, or those looking to formalize or further develop business education. For working professionals who do not plan to make a career change and want to continue their career progression with current company or industry; builds on existing business education.
Cost $83,250 CAD for domestic students and $123,500 CAD for international students. $83,250 CAD
*International Airfare for study trip is an additional expense.

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