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Ivey MBA’s Career Focused Curriculum

What You’ll Learn

A successful career demands a solid foundation of business knowledge. That’s why an Ivey MBA effectively teaches business fundamentals and then goes one step further than most business school programs to also develop and hone your leadership abilities. In one intense year, only Ivey readies you for the continued leadership challenges required to thrive in the complex economy of today and tomorrow, with a curriculum that is designed to prepare you for career success.


Pre-Ivey Classes

Preparatory Knowledge Program

To make sure you get the most out of your MBA class time, we provide optional courses before the official program work begins. These preparatory courses are a great way to refresh your knowledge of business basics, reacquaint yourself with school routine, and get to know some of your classmates.

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Business Essentials

Your incredible year starts in the Spring

To ensure you have a solid foundation in the core subjects, the first six months of the Ivey MBA Program consist of courses including Strategy, Leadership, Finance, Accounting, Information Systems, Operations, Marketing, Analytics, Communications, and Economics and how they integrate.

Essential Courses


Electives, International Experiences & Real-World Projects

Our elective courses are designed to support your career goals and satisfy your professional and personal interests.

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International Experiences

Participate in an optional study trip to China or South America as part of the elective cycle. You can also pursue volunteer opportunities to teach and provide business consulting in China or Eastern Europe.

If you want to experience an international study exchange, you can take advantage of this in the final semester. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself fully in another culture and to expand your global network.

Real-World Projects

Put your learning to the test when you participate in the Ivey Field Project. You can choose to develop a New Venture or work with an existing organization to develop strategic solutions.


Leading Cross-Enterprise

Bring it all together

This capstone module pulls together everything you've learned and connects it to today's real-world leadership challenges. You'll examine some of the big questions like:

  • Who leads best and how do they do it?
  • How are great leaders developed?
  • What are the major forces and trends that will affect business in the 21st century?"

Career Management

Career Management is a central part of the Ivey MBA and is integrated throughout the program.

Classroom activities are combined with innovative experiences like our capstone alumni networking event, Get Connected.

Our Career Advisors partner with you from day one through to graduation.

Ivey Field Project

IFP partners teams of students with a company to study a cross-enterprise issue, problem, or opportunity of operational, organizational, or strategic significance. You apply and integrate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program to determine the best course of action for the company and present your findings to a group of company representatives.

You can also participate in an entrepreneurial, team-based field project that takes you through the process of developing/refining an idea for a New Venture, researching and analyzing that opportunity, writing a detailed and compelling Business Plan, and creating/presenting a “Business Plan Pitch” to an external review panel.