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MBA Requirements

Who Are We Looking For?

Our students are the leaders of tomorrow: people with exceptional talent and ambition to succeed in areas they are passionate about. In each class, we create a dynamic environment with candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences that mirror the reality of the business world.

Ivey MBA Class Profile

Leadership Skills

From extracurricular activities to academic or career success, personal accomplishments or volunteer initiatives — we’re looking for candidates who can bring their leadership potential into the Ivey classroom.

Academic Aptitude

Ivey Business School’s MBA program and case method are immersive, fast-paced, and interactive. That’s why we look for candidates who are analytical and comfortable solving problems and making decisions with ambiguity or incomplete information. Our assessment of this is based on your academic history in combination with your GMAT or GRE score (exemptions provided) and/or professional designations. We view these within a holistic framework that seeks to understand all aspects of a candidate’s character, qualifications, and experiences.

Professional Experience

So much of the Ivey classroom experience is fuelled by real-world applications. We accept candidates who have been working full-time consecutively for at least two years to ensure that you and your classmates will have experiences to contribute to team and class discussions, along with the context and maturity to apply this learning in a professional setting.

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Application Checklist

*For University of Western Ontario Graduates(UWO), Ivey's Admissions office will contact UWO directly to obtain transcripts, so you are not required to order them.

**Applicants may qualify for a waiver for the English proficiency test if they have lived, worked, or been educated in a primarily English-speaking environment for a minimum of two years. If you feel that you may be exempt from writing the English language proficiency test, there is a waiver form that you can fill out on the application for the admissions committee to review.  Please review further information on the waiver and applicable English proficiency tests on the International Applicants web page.

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