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Scholarships, Awards and Student Loans

An Ivey MBA is an investment in your future. We understand and appreciate the financial commitment required by you to pursue and earn your MBA degree. That’s why applicants to the Ivey MBA Program will be considered for some of the largest merit scholarship funding in Canada.

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Scholarships and Awards

Applicants must complete the Scholarships section within the online MBA admission application. There is no separate application for individual scholarship consideration. Scholarship recipients will be notified with their admissions offer prior to the start of the program.

There is also an extensive number of external scholarships, bursaries, grants, fellowships, and other forms of financial assistance available to students across Canada. We encourage students to explore the Student Awards and Scholarships Canada websites for more information.

International students seeking external scholarship opportunities should visit our Financing page for international candidates for more resources and information.

Bank Loans

The majority of candidates will require some level of private financing to contribute to their MBA investment. We encourage you to explore the various bank loan options available.

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

Ivey has developed the MBA Loan Program in partnership with a number of Canadian banks to create competitive loan packages for Ivey MBA candidates.

Repayment terms vary amongst institutions with some banks allowing individuals to make interest-only payments for twelve months following graduation. The loan resembles a personal line-of-credit where you are charged interest every month. The interest rates are competitive (presently prime + 1/2%; TD Canada Trust, RBC and CIBC rate is prime + 0.0%). Each bank assesses your application against their lending criteria.

Each bank has designated one London branch to handle all Ivey MBA loans. This allows more personalized and efficient service for each student. We encourage you to compare the fees and terms of all student loan products in the chart found below, to determine which is best suited to your needs.

If you are working with someone at your own local branch, please ensure they contact the London Branch using the contact information below - not all branches are aware of these special rates.  


Bank Contact Email/Telephone Program Maximum
BMO Tammy Craigwell
(519) 667-6308
$110,000 - $135,000

Carlos Toopitsin
(519) 667-7992

Scotiabank Hatem Abouzeenni hatem.abouzeenni
(519) 642-2376
$70,000 -
$110,000 for a combined MBA
Royal Bank of Canada Bradley Baigent
(519) 660-4720
$115,000 with a 2-year grace period
Corey Hutchinson
(519) 660-7662
TD Canada Trust

Nav Thiara (Richmond St. Gates Branch)


Todd Allen (Richmond St. Gates Branch)
(519) 673-6020 ex. 223
519) 673-6020 ex. 230

$80,000  - $125,000* with a 2-year grace period

MBA students do not need co-signors contingent on good credit standing.


Jay Chen (Richmond St. Gates Branch)
(519) 673-6020 ex. 250


Hasin Said
(519) 660-0070


Shaun Timbeck
(519) 660-0070


Simon Belz

(519) 854-7154

Guideline of $125,000

1 year grace period post graduation

Paul Van Lith

(519) 661-8182 x349


International Students

Please see the International Applicants page for more information about financing for international applicants.

Government Funding

The Government of Canada and its Provincial Governments offer a variety of loan programs to help graduate students finance their studies.

OSAP and Student Government Loans

OSAP assistance is available to Citizens of Canada or landed immigrants who are residents of Ontario. Students who do not meet the Ontario residency requirements are eligible for the Canada Student Loan. Visa students are ineligible to apply for these programs. Further information including details on eligibility requirements and how to apply are available on the OSAP website.

CIHR and Science to Business Scholarships

Students with a PhD in a health-related field, who wish to pursue an MBA as the next step in their career supporting innovation in Canada, should consider the CIHR Science to Business (S2B) Scholarship.

Life Long Learning Plan (LLP)

The Government of Canada implemented the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) to encourage higher education and training. The LLP allows you to withdraw up to $10,000 a year from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSPs) to finance training or education for you or your spouse or common-law partner. For further information on this plan, visit here

Other Provincial and Territorial Student Financial Assistance - Loan Programs

The Government of Canada's CanLearn website provides a listing of contact information for the offices of all government student financial assistance programs. Please visit the CanLearn website to find your province or territory listing.