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Ivey MBA Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Launch your business with an Ivey MBA

Ivey is proud to offer the best suite of courses and opportunities for entrepreneurs than any other business school in Canada. We are home to the largest entrepreneurship Faculty in Canada and are recognized as one of the top entrepreneurship schools worldwide.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

In partnership with the Western Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship, Powered by Ivey, we offer the opportunity for MBA students to receive a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Components of the certificate include completion of a set of career-focused elective courses, networking opportunities, and real-world experiences like the Ivey New Venture Project, that will best position you to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Applications for the Entrepreneurship Certificate cohort are due in July during the year students are enrolled in the MBA. Enrolment in the certificate program includes:

  • Regular mixers with alumni, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and Morrissette Entrepreneurship Advisory Board members across Western/Ivey
  • Entrepreneurship-focused elective courses*
  • Completion of New Venture Project*
  • Option for enrolment in Western Accelerator for MBA course credit
  • Access to mentorship and funding opportunities
  • Consideration for additional entrepreneurship-focused in-program scholarships
  • Entrepreneurship Bootcamp event (offered three times per year)
  • Masterclasses and coaching with successful Ivey/Western Entrepreneurs

*Required for certificate completion

Ivey New Venture Project

The Ivey New Venture Project (INVP) is an entrepreneurial, team-based Ivey Field Project (IFP) that takes students through the process of:

  • Developing and refining an idea for a new venture
  • Researching and analyzing the opportunity
  • Building a detailed and compelling Business Model and Plan
  • Creating and presenting an "Investor Pitch" to an external review panel or potential investors

With the help of coaching from Ivey Faculty and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, the INVP culminates with the submission of a written plan and a live 'investor pitch' to an external venture review panel. Over the years, some of our MBA graduates have launched their INVP into successful new businesses.

Western Accelerator

The Western Accelerator is an immersive education in entrepreneurship for high-potential ventures. Accepted founders receive mentorship, education, and funding with the goal of accelerating the life cycle of these ventures.

Ivey MBA students who complete the New Venture Project can compete for a spot in the Western Accelerator. Successful teams have the option of joining the January intake of the accelerator for MBA course credit or, may choose to complete all coursework and enroll in the May intake of the accelerator after completing the MBA program.

Martin Ugo Thumb


Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Ivey Entrepreneurship Fellowship Recipient

“The networking opportunities were one of the best parts of receiving the Entrepreneurship Fellowship and participating in the Western Accelerator. I had the opportunity to meet and receive mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders who listened to my ideas and gave recommendations on how best to go to market. I was able to apply the knowledge and advice I received from the Accelerator workshops to my business immediately.”

Entrepreneurship Elective Courses

Students who want to enroll in the Entrepreneurship Certificate program are required to complete the following elective courses during the MBA program, in addition to the NVP:

  • New Venture Creation
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Managing High Growth Companies

For additional elective courses and detailed course descriptions recommended for entrepreneurs, view our career-focused electives listing.

Meet Our Ivey Entrepreneurs

Kayla Gray

Kayla Gray, MBA 2021

Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Nelson M. Davis Scholarship for Entrepreneurship Recipient

“The entrepreneurship stream at Ivey not only prepared me to launch my own business, but it gave me invaluable tools that are applicable in any corporate setting. While I had been running a small business for a few years prior to joining Ivey, this program simultaneously allowed me to grow new revenue streams while becoming more competitive in the job market.”

Neeraj Nair

Neeraj Nair, MBA 2021

Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Schulich Award in Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipient

“The selection of elective classes is designed to provide with students with a solid foundation of the skills required to take on the daunting task of dedicating your valuable time and energy into a startup. I believe the exposure to this curriculum instills a sense of confidence when you do decide to take that leap of faith.”

Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh, MBA 2020

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

“I’ve had multiple business ideas brewing in my mind over the years but never knew where to begin. The Entrepreneurship program, including the IFP New Venture process, helped me piece the puzzle together by giving me a starting point and the necessary tools: “my blueprints”. This not only helped me conceptualize my business ideas, but also gave me the confidence to follow this path.”

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