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Ivey MBA’s Online Application

Apply for the Ivey MBA Program

Begin your online application by clicking the Start My Application button and follow the prompts.

Before You Begin

Before you start an application we encourage you to:

We also highly recommend you submit a profile assessment prior to applying in order to get a good idea of your fit for the Ivey MBA program.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Application Policies


Applicants who have been denied admission to the Ivey MBA Program must wait at least one year before re-applying. Re-applicants should focus on how they have improved their application. Re-applicants do not have a relative advantage, or disadvantage, compared with other candidates.


Students on the waitlist will be contacted if we obtain a vacancy in the Program prior to the start of classes. Students on the waitlist are not guaranteed a spot in the Program and may be required to re-apply.

Deferral Requests

Deferrals are granted very rarely and on an individual basis. If you wish to request a deferral, please contact us directly as


Start My Application

What You'll Need

The online application includes three required essays.

You should also have available:

  • Academic transcripts,
  • GMAT score,
  • Resumé,
  • TOEFL score (if required for ESL applicants),
  • And two to three reference letters.

Hard copy items should be submitted in time to arrive within a week of your online application.