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Climb for Cancer and the Strength of the Ivey Community

  • Doris Qamar, Ivey MBA 2018
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  • Jun 1, 2017
Climb for Cancer and the Strength of the Ivey Community

Doris Qamar, Ivey MBA 2018

Two years ago, when I first started rock climbing, I was going through a rough emotional patch. Things were not lining up in my personal life, a few relationships were broken, and I was trying to pick up the pieces. Climbing helped me learn to trust people again and, more importantly, it helped me learn to trust myself. Once I started to see small steps leading to big progress, my life started improving and, step by step, I built back my confidence. Without climbing, I would not have applied to Ivey, and I would not now be in an MBA program.

Climb for Cancer was the perfect way to give back. It is a four-hour climbing relay marathon, which raises money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Research at The Princess Margaret Research Centre. I knew that I would have the support of the Ivey community, and I recruited two of my classmates, Duncan Furrer and Blaine Morry, to participate as a team in the competition, along with my sister as the fourth team member.

As soon as we announced that we were participating, our Ivey MBA community rallied to help raise funds. Jay Kiew, a thoughtful colleague, approached me and volunteered to plan and organize an event that would not only serve as a bonding experience for the entire class, but also as an avenue to raise money for this great cause. Thus, the first bus party of the MBA 2018 class was born. Many classmates supported us, through helping with the event set-up, volunteering as bus monitors, and spreading the word about the team, the cause, and the party.

I had heard about the great Ivey community and network before I joined Ivey, but I did not expect it to be this strong, or this supportive. Together, the MBA Class of 2018 raised over $2,300, from the bus party, the candy sale at the MBA lounge, and the kind-hearted donations received through the team website. As a team, we won the most money raised for the London location. In fact, more than half of the total amount raised in London was raised by the Ivey team.

I am proud to be part of this community, and I am excited for them to continue to be a part of my present and my future. I had assumed before the start of the program that the competitive spirit would get the best of most of the students; however, they keep proving my previous assumptions wrong. With students helping others raise money for a good cause, with subject matter experts running tutorials to help others catch up on classes, and with random social events that help us all de-stress and bond, I know I am forming friendships and relationships with people who will have my back for a lifetime.

Thank you, Ivey, for fostering this opportunity for me and others, I look forward to what the rest of the program will offer.


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