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Ivey MBA 2022 cohort bonded like no other

  • Cali Keating, MBA 2022 Candidate
  • |
  • Mar 9, 2021
Ivey MBA 2022 cohort bonded like no other

The anticipation of starting the Ivey MBA is like many new chapters: full of unknowns and excitement until you arrive on day one. In a year like no other, incoming Ivey MBA candidates had the opportunity to connect virtually months ahead of the program.

Ongoing recruitment meant new faces and introductions every month of the year, and the Covid-19 pandemic generated a new craving for social connection. Ivey MBA admits came together to address the need for social connection and to help the cohort bond.

Bringing people together during isolating times

The idea started small. A few new friends wanted to bring the greater cohort together by offering regular virtual social events. Conversations and ideas flowed naturally, as they do in all Ivey cohorts. A few organizers quickly grew into an entire crew with diverse ideas to implement these social offerings.

The result? A lot of fun, many new friends, and no awkward first interactions during virtual classes. Fun and games morphed into knowledge sharing sessions followed by casual wine nights, and even occasional errands run for those in quarantine. We grew from pre-MBA colleagues to a network of supportive friends.

Deferring shows ultimate Ivey characteristics

One of the many things we learn throughout the Ivey MBA is how to make complex decisions with limited information available. A few of our colleagues have even had to make a very difficult decision prior to ever stepping onto Ivey soil: deferring admission.

The decision to defer admission during a global pandemic is no straightforward matter. Student permits, families, finances, and everchanging travel conditions are only a few variables. Our MBA colleagues who deferred demonstrated essential Ivey characteristics – they embraced the complexity of our current world, managed their priorities, and took action in doing what was right for them.

Those who deferred played key roles in our cohort bonding and will undoubtedly bring the next cohort closer together. One of my colleagues said it best, “Our loss is the class of 2023’s gain.”

Here’s to the Ivey MBA class of 2022 and to our colleagues friends joining the class of 2023.