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Global Economy, Markets & Strategy

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Corporate Strategy & Leadership, Marketing

While students will learn about the economics of strategy, incentives and information, this course is NOT a rehash of “Econ 101” (or of PKP). Rather than over-emphasizing theory, the course stresses “thinking economically”. It uses the tools of microeconomics to understand the business environment and to facilitate better managerial decision-making. Understanding markets helps managers think systematically about strategy and resource allocation. A series of cases and simulations guide students through real business situations, while forcing them to think methodically about their competitors, customers and the public policy environment in which they operate. Emphasis is on real-world business topics. Current articles from the business press motivate many sessions. Students will use economic concepts and data analysis to develop frameworks and tools that will help them be better decision-makers. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: • Explain a wide-array of business phenomena using economic thinking. • Identify the fundamental elements of competitive strategy and pricing decisions. • Analyze and critique news stories describing public policy and business decisions. • Apply economic concepts to investment decisions.