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Leading Family Firms

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The foundation of the course is the three circle model of family business, which identifies roles of ownership, management and family. These three circles overlap by varying degrees (depending on business stage) in family-controlled business. The cases and lectures will focus on the areas of overlap and what is the best approach to good governance within and between each of the three circles. The course takes specific care to identify both the strengths of this business structure and the weaknesses. Upon completion of the course, students should be better equipped to deal positively within their own family business or in their business careers dealing with family-controlled enterprise. This course offers insights that are most helpful to three types of audiences: One; students that come from Business Families and who expect to play a key role in their family enterprises. Two; students that expect a career in investment banking, financial services or consulting, where there will be a high degree of interaction with Business Families. Third; entrepreneurs who recognize that over the next decade a substantial number of family owned companies will change generational ownership, and many of these will be acquisition and merger candidates.