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Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy & Leadership, Marketing

We pose the central question: Has information and communication technology (ICT) produced a better society? If so, for whom? What are the managerial challenges associated with this phenomenon? How do you lead with technology without causing or exacerbating bias, inequality, increasing privacy and security risks etc. The course will be broken into parts so that we can: 1) Analyze management opportunities and challenges via frameworks for critically engaging with claims of social change wrought by technological change; 2) Explore challenges for management in contemporary topics embedding a systems thinking perspective – i.e. management and cybersecurity (media/social media/fake news/cyberwarfare); management and systems design/agency/liability (algorithmic bias, autonomous vehicle liability, predictive policing/credit scoring) and management and governance including privacy/transparency); 3) Evaluate the future of work via automation/infomating; microwork/gig economy; collaboration and coordination in knowledge work; knowledge work and artificial intelligence and the future of professions.