Rusty on your Math skills?
✓ Want a high GMAT score, but not sure where to start?
✓ Have been studying for a while, but your progress has been slow?
✓ Need a refresher of the basic Arithmetic and Algebra tested on the exam?
Join us to learn how to ace the Quant section of the GMAT - even if you have no Math background or have been out of school for a while!  

You will learn:

✓ Why is the GMAT difficult (it might not be what you think)
✓ Important Math theory (that you had forgotten) tested on the GMAT
✓ Time-saving strategies (that you didn't know) necessary to get a high score

As a bonus, you'll get a set of free online study resources, including a free online practice test (with explanations) and a free GMAT Math formula sheet!

This short seminar will save you hours of preparation. Register now.