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MBA Cost Calculator

At Ivey Business School, our focus is on supporting and preparing you for a successful career. That also means understanding that taking time away from your full-time job to pursue an MBA is a big decision. Ivey’s one-year MBA program was designed for professionals who simply can’t afford to step away from their careers and networks for two years.

We encourage you to look at the following numbers and to compare the true cost of Ivey’s Program with some of our competitors. Simply enter your current salary below to calculate your opportunity cost in our online calculator.

All figures are quoted in CAD$.

Your Current Salary:
(in Canadian Dollars)

* Includes textbooks, course materials, health plan, school ancillary, and incidental fees - sourced by respective school websites (Nov 2021)
** 12 months at Ivey; 20 months at Rotman and Harvard
*** assumes paid internship for 4 months May - August between Year 1 and Year 2 . Median 4-month internship salary, sourced by respective school websites (March 2019)

1. **Ivey tuition and ancillary fees are subject to change.
2. All tuition figures are current as of November 2021.
3. "Other Living Expenses" includes Rent, Food, Utilities, etc., and is calculated based on expenses for 12 months for Richard Ivey, 24 months for Rotman and Harvard.
4. Costs are directly sourced from the business school websites and are reported in CAD$.
5. To convert from CAD$ to your home currency, please use the link provided for the XE currency convertor:

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