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Why a one-year MBA at Ivey?

Our one-year format recognizes that part of the big cost of doing your MBA is time away from the workforce. With only one year out of the workforce instead of two, we’ve minimized your opportunity cost while providing a world-class package of intense curriculum that will help you to achieve your career goals and get you back into the workforce quickly.

When your peers in other programs are starting an internship, you’ll be starting a job.

Our Career Management team is the largest in Canada and the fact that they are involved in the admissions process — including interviews — demonstrates that we want to deliver on our promise of not only a high-quality education, but also of helping students to achieve their career goals post-MBA.

If you’ve been admitted to the program, we believe you can be successful in what you hope to achieve. Our placement rates — consistently over 90 per cent — illustrate what we believe: that you do not need a two-year program and an internship to achieve your career goals.

With our strategy of maintaining a work experience requirement, recruiting the best students, and giving you the very best career management support, you can accomplish all that you want to in one year.

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