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Four Myths of the MBA Program

Ivey’s one-year MBA Program is different. As a result, we hear a lot of myths about it. Below, we’ve listed four of the most common myths – and we share what the truth really is.

Myth #1
You can’t change careers with Ivey’s MBA Program, because there’s no internship

The reality is close to 95 per cent of our grads are career switchers, meaning they’ve made a change in industry, function, or geography.

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Myth #2
Being in a smaller city isn’t as good when it comes to networking and landing your dream job

The reality is the same firms that recruit MBA students at schools in larger cities also recruit at Ivey, and Ivey’s placement rates are top of class.

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Myth #3
You need a business undergraduate degree to thrive in the one-year Ivey MBA

The reality is two-thirds of our students come to us from a non-business background.

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Myth #4
International students are at a disadvantage if they want to stay and work in Canada after the one-year Ivey MBA

The reality is more than 90 per cent of our international students work and live in Canada after the one-year Ivey MBA Program. For many of our international students, this is a key decision-making factor in doing their MBA at Ivey.

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