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Carl Hageraats

After six years working in the Canadian government, I saw doing an MBA as the most effective way to pivot towards a career in technology investment. I decided I needed both a solid foundation in business and a strong, established network to connect me to opportunities with leading companies and investment firms across Canada.

While researching MBA programs, I seriously considered top business schools in Canada, and the US. Ivey stood out to me from the beginning, largely due to the quality of the conversations I had with the admissions team. It was immediately clear to me that building a positive culture and unparalleled educational experience are top priorities at Ivey, which was validated by conversations with several alumni. Ivey struck me as an excellent learning environment – one that is at once collaborative, competitive, challenging, and supportive. The cultural fit was a major deciding factor for me, coupled with Ivey’s reputation for delivering a truly world-class business education, and its track record for developing some of Canada’s most accomplished executives.

I think the Ivey admissions committee saw me as a fit for the program based on the work experience and perspective I bring to my cohort. I have a Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs, and spent six years in the federal public service, supporting senior decision makers in multiple departments, including National Defence and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. My time spent in government exposed me to the enormous potential of Canada’s technology industry in shaping our future, and inspired me to pursue a more active role within it.

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has radically changed the MBA experience. Moving online due to physical distancing requirements barely a week into the program meant our class has had to build connections and community virtually. And we’ve been creative. We get together a few times a week for early morning yoga, led by one of our classmates on Zoom. Thursday “wine nights” have taken on a new meaning – with classmates joining a virtual chat to pause, unwind and – often – sing some remote karaoke.  

If anything, the last few months have reinforced for me the need to make every moment count. You don’t know when your environment, and your “plan,” will be disrupted, so it is critical to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself.

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Carl Hageraats

Carl Hageraats

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