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Danielle Lane

While pursuing my undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the University of Regina, I discovered case competitions and was immediately hooked. I loved working in a team setting to solve real-world business issues, which is what ultimately sparked an interest in the consulting industry. For four years, following graduation, I worked for a Saskatchewan-based research and strategy firm where I gained significant experience in dealing with complex client issues and developed a strong interest in organizational strategy and project management methodology. I enjoyed working with clients in the private, non-profit, public, and First Nations sectors on projects related to strategy, board governance, and stakeholder engagement.

I pursued a few professional development opportunities throughout my career, but I really missed the learning and collaboration that takes place in a classroom setting. For me, an MBA was a way to grow my professional toolkit while meeting new people and, of course, having fun.

The decision to come to Ivey was a no-brainer. For one, the case-based learning method really resonated with me; I loved the idea of classes solely being taught through examples of real-world scenarios. Further, it was important to me that the class truly felt like a community rather than a group of students independently working towards achieving their goals. Through talks with alumni and Ivey’s stellar Admissions team, I was convinced Ivey was the community I wanted to be part of. I wasn’t wrong!

From the moment Lindsay (Lippmann) called me with the good news of my acceptance, I have felt honored to be part of this cohort. I imagine the decision to admit me came from my prior work experience. Ivey is a hub for aspiring consultants and having students with this background within the cohort allows for great conversations leading up to career decisions.

Ironically enough, the classroom experience I was looking for was quickly changed thanks to COVID-19. To say this experience has not felt heartbreaking at times would be a lie. However, it has been an amazing lesson in optimism, exerting empathy, and navigating ambiguity.  While every classmate may have a different way of coping with the uncertainty, I fully believe our class will come out of this as strong and connected as prior classes. I now have a new appreciation for the importance of human connection, and I am excited to further get to know my classmates more fully in the latter half of the program and following graduation.

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  • Orientation Senator
  • Member of the Ivey Ambassador Program

MBA '21

Ivey Business School

Danielle Lane

Danielle Lane

Regina, Canada

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