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Guest Entry: Sid Samarth – My Leap of Faith

February 22, 2016

To put things in perspective, I have been walking this planet for a quarter of a century and have been born, brought up, educated and worked in a city called Pune in India.

Left-brained People Can Be Entrepreneurs Too

February 09, 2016

It’s clear to me that left-brained people are more than capable of becoming successful entrepreneurs and should not be afraid of going down the new venture path.

Feature Profile: Kevin Davis, Ivey MBA 2015

January 19, 2016

Leaving a successful, advancing career to go back to school can seem like a huge risk

My Hardest MBA Class – by Fahad Tariq, MBA 2016

November 24, 2015

True leadership requires continuing introspection and strong character. So to answer my friend’s question, “Do you feel transformed yet?” I say: not entirely but I’m grateful to have started the journey.

What I’ve Learned From My MBA – by Christina Rupsingh, Ivey MBA 2016

October 02, 2015

The first day of my MBA journey at the Ivey Business School is one I will never forget. I remember walking into my first class with one of the outstanding faculty at Ivey,

Ivey Impact Day – ReForest London, by Fahad Tariq

August 07, 2015

This week, my classmates and I participated in Ivey Impact Day — a day dedicated to giving back to the London community through a series of activities

McKinsey MBA Case Competition – by Fahad Tariq

June 24, 2015

The stakes were high — a chance to impress McKinsey consultants, a trophy with your name on it, and, of course, bragging rights.

Reflecting on the First Month of the Ivey MBA

May 21, 2015

Last week I arrived at Ivey at 7:00 AM, almost an hour and a half before classes started. It was a sunny, brisk morning and the Ivey building was completely empty.

Featured Student Profile: Graham O’Neill, Ivey MBA 2015, MBAA President

April 17, 2015

The biggest challenge of my life so far — that’s what the Ivey experience represents for me. Right now, I am so far out of my comfort zone that I doubt I will ever see it again, and I couldn’t be happier.

Feature Profile: Niki Liu, Ivey MBA 2015

February 20, 2015

Before coming to Ivey, I worked as an Associate Principle at Meritco Services. While at Meritco, I was immersed in ten industries including CPG, healthcare, industrial goods...