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Build Organizational Agility

We will adopt more agile organizational structures, policies, practices, and technology to keep the Ivey Community positioned to deliver on our mission.

To have meaningful ongoing impact, we must support an organization-wide ‘bias to action’ – a core tenet of Ivey’s Leadership Essentials. To enable this, we must build an organization that continually renews itself, models the best practices we research and teach, and supports entrepreneurial approaches to problem-solving; always steadied by our mission and legacy of excellence.


  • Adopt a more transparent, objective, decentralized, simplified, and insight-informed approach to decision-making and operational effectiveness
  • Promote local and global partnerships as an essential way to enhance our capability, extend our reach, and increase our adaptability
  • Invest in and ensure ongoing alignment of resources, personnel, and space in our programs and services to support research on and equip our community to address critical issues

Select Activities:

  • Streamline processes and decisions to empower those closest to the issues
  • Implement processes and systems to support improved operational effectiveness
  • Regularly evaluate academic governance structures to empower agile decision-making
  • Create a central function to develop and manage high quality, mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Establish an enterprise data governance structure to more effectively collect and leverage data
  • Build an effective central benchmarking and business intelligence function
  • Implement a more robust annual planning process with relevant external and internal measures to measure impact aligned with our mission

Strategic Plan

Ivey Next: Innovating for Impact

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