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MBA Online Application

What You’ll Need

So, you’re ready to apply to Ivey’s MBA program. Before you start your application, we encourage you to review the application process, admission requirements, and the Application Advice Part One and Part Two podcasts episode to ensure you are ready to put forward a competitive application.

The online application includes two required written essays and two required video essays. You should also have the following available before applying:

  • Unofficial academic transcripts
  • One of: GMAT, GMAT Focus Edition, GRE, LSAT, MCAT or proof of one of the following:
  • If you are interested in learning about our pre-assessment for a potential GMAT/GRE exemption, please visit our GMAT/GRE Exemption overview website for details on eligibility and submitting a waiver request.
  • Resumé
  • Language test (if required for ESL applicants)
  • 2–3 references

Check My Eligibility

If you are interested in pursuing a Western Law and Ivey MBA Combined degree, please start the application below. A reminder that an application with Western Law must also be submitted directly to them. For more information on Ivey’s Combined JD/MBA Degree, please click here.

Start Your Application

Begin your online application by clicking the link below and following the prompts. While you work on the application, keep our Application Handbook close by to assist with any questions that may arise. You can access our Application Handbook here. For any further questions not addressed in the handbook, please contact your Associate Director.


2025 to 2026 MBA Application

2025 to 2026  JD/MBA Application

2025 to 2026  MEng/MBA Application

Application Policies


We encourage applicants who have been denied admission to the Ivey MBA Program to wait approximately one year before considering to re-apply. Re-applicants should focus on how they have improved their application and ensure their profile has substantially changed in merit. Re-applicants do not have a relative advantage, or disadvantage, compared with other candidates.  For more information on our re-application process and advice, please tune into our Re-Applicant Advice Podcast.


Students on the waitlist will be contacted if we obtain a vacancy in the Program prior to the start of classes. Students on the waitlist are not guaranteed a spot in the Program and may be required to re-apply.

Deferral Requests

Deferrals are granted very rarely and on an individual basis. If you wish to discuss a deferral, please contact your Associate Director.

To address frequently asked application questions and hear advice on how to put forward a strong application, tune into the following:

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