The Importance of Fit in the MBA Decision

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  • Mar 3, 2017

In many of our blogs and communications, you will hear our Recruiting and Admissions team talking about how assessing your fit for an MBA program is one of the most critical components when making your business school decision. But what do we mean by fit and why is it so important?

The MBA decision is one of the few you will make once in a lifetime, so it’s critical to associate yourself with a program that you’re excited about getting up and going to in the morning and, in the long-term, with a school that has a broad-reaching brand and a deeply committed alumni network — a lifetime asset in helping you navigate the rest of your career. As many of you are preparing your Round 1 applications for April 10, here are some things that are essential to consider.

Teaching Method and Class Environment: Do you like to participate and engage in class discussion? Do you plan to get involved in social and extracurricular activities? Do you want to immerse yourself in the entire MBA experience? Ivey’s Case-Method learning environment is nothing less than dynamic and transformational: engaging in discussion, sharing your experiences, and offering your input on case decisions is the only way to succeed in the Ivey environment. If you want to experience an Ivey class first-hand, check out one of our First Class on the Road events or attend a Class Visit or Open House. Outside of class, Ivey provides no shortage of ways to get involved — volunteering opportunities, professional, special interest, or sports clubs as well as social activities throughout the week.

Class Size and Network: Do you want to be part of a niche MBA experience with a relatively small class size where you know everyone? Are you looking for a more personal classroom experience founded in team learning and group challenges? Do you want to expand your learning and your network to classmates from different areas and functions? Ivey’s class make-up is extremely diverse. Students come from all over the world with unique educational and cultural backgrounds and varying work experiences.

From entrepreneurs and real-estate agents to investment bankers and neurosurgeons, students are strategically divided into Learning Teams where they break down cases, complete 48-hour reports, and make class presentations. With approximately seventy people per class, students truly get a chance to know their professors and classmates on a personal level, which creates a tight-knit class environment. Check out our student profiles to get some first-hand perspectives.

Location: Do you want to fully immerse yourself in the MBA experience to get the most out of your investment? Do you want to be close to a business epicentre to attend networking events and get connected with business leaders? Most Ivey MBAs have left the comfort of home to fully focus and experience this one-year MBA journey, and the “we’re all in this together” attitude creates a strong bond within the class.

Thinking Beyond Graduation: Do you want to learn long-term career management strategies to set you up for success beyond your first post-MBA job? Can you leverage the network and the brand of your school choice for the duration of your career? The choice of which school brand you want to be associated with will stay with you for the rest of your career. With over 23,000 alumni in 103 countries, Ivey provides you with the opportunity to connect globally with some of the brightest minds in the business world. And with integrated Career Management curriculum and a dedicated staff, you have the opportunity to equip yourself with the tools and skills to successfully manage your career for the long-term, beyond just your post-MBA job.

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before you decide which program is the right fit for you; all MBA programs are certainly not created equal. Before you make this lifetime investment, be sure to test the waters and think critically about what you want to get out of your MBA.

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