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At Ivey, we pride ourselves on having one of the most rigorous and thoughtful admissions processes of any business school. We work hard to ensure that applications are reviewed and processed with care, due diligence, and efficiency. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to begin the application process.

We're looking for people with exceptional talent and ambition to succeed in areas they are passionate about.

Rolling Admissions

Please keep in mind that we process applications on a rolling basis, and both admissions and scholarship decisions are handed out between application deadlines. You do not need to wait for a deadline to apply.

Application Deadlines

2018 Admission

Application Round Deadline Admissions Decision By
Round 4* November 13, 2017 January 8, 2018
Round 5 January 8, 2018 February 19, 2018

*The Admissions Committee recommends that international candidates apply no later than the Round 4 deadline to allow sufficient time for study permit and student visa processing. If you are an international candidate and wish to apply after Round 4, we urge you to submit as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates who have slightly less than two years of full-time work experience when they begin the program will not be excluded from consideration in the application process. We encourage applicants to think critically about when is the right time for them to pursue an MBA; when they will be able to both contribute to, and get the most out of the Ivey MBA learning experience.

Absolutely. As a top-business school, it's imperative that we ensure our graduates have the core business fundamentals to succeed. While Ivey relies heavily on the case method, we employ a number of teaching methods. Cases allow for an important decision-making context and action-orientation. That doesn’t preclude us from stepping back from a case setting and providing the fundamental basics and skill development. While Cross-Enterprise Leadership™ addresses learning from an “issues” standpoint, every Ivey student will graduate from the program with an unequalled skill in all functional areas as well.

Absolutely. Many of the world’s top recruiters come to Ivey looking for MBAs with diverse experiences and leadership qualities. Ivey consistently has the highest placement rate of any MBA program in Canada at 90%+. Through Ivey’s rigorous application process, we identify candidates who have the background and ability to excel in an intense program and achieve their career goals.

Career Management’s professional team plays an integral role in the admissions process to help determine if your expectations and goals as a candidate can be met. The real-world case based learning you receive, combined with the partnership you develop with the Career Management team at Ivey, are what will define your success.

Yes. You will have the opportunity to specialize along career specializations that will help prepare you for specific careers. These specializations are based on recommended elective course-sets in six identified fields including Financial Services and Consulting. Approximately 20 percent of the program will be focused on these specializations.

Yes. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) offers a post-graduation work permit that allows international students to gain valuable Canadian work experience after completing their degree. When you graduate from Ivey, you would be eligible to apply for a one-year work permit. Spouses and common-law partners are also eligible to apply for a work-permit during this time. For more information, visit the CIC website.

Our alumni are always happy to share their Ivey experience. They regularly attend our MBA events around the world, and the best way to connect with them is to attend an Information Session or one of our Experience Events (First Class on the Road, Women in Management, MBA Fair etc.). To register for an upcoming event, visit our events website.

Ivey welcomes two sections of students each Spring. Ivey's Preparatory Knowledge Program (optional, Pre-Ivey programming) starts at the beginning of March, with official classes beginning mid-March.

Yes, Ivey accepts both the GMAT and the GRE. However, candidates interested in pursuing post-MBA careers in the Financial Services or Management Consulting sectors should consider writing the GMAT to ensure a competitive profile as recruiters in these industries may request a GMAT score as part of their application process. Candidates should research the application criteria for the employers-of-preference before deciding which exam to write.

No. At Ivey we pride ourselves on providing an MBA experience that cannot be delivered on a part-time or distance studies basis. Because of the interactive nature of the case-method and our focus on developing leadership essentials and a strong network of personal and professional relationships, it is necessary that students commit to pursuing the program in London for the year.

With an alumni base of over 25,000 in 103 countries, where 1 in 2 Ivey alumni hold senior management positions (CEO, CFO, Director, etc.) in his or her organization, Ivey has more recruiters in its alumni network than other schools. We are in constant dialogue with all of the top recruiters, and work to ensure that our graduates have access to all of the top positions across various industries, functional roles and geographies. To see who recruited at Ivey this year, see our most recent employment report.

While the academic success of our candidates is considered as part of the admissions process, Ivey does not accept transfer credits from other programs. All students must complete the full year of Ivey's MBA Program.

Yes, we absolutely believe you can. We consider ourselves specialists in talent identification and development. If you are successful in being admitted to Ivey, it is our view that you do not need an internship. We also have a commitment to letting candidates know if we DO feel that an internship would be beneficial to them, and we do not admit them if we don't think they'll be successful and thrive in our program. For more on this topic, check out this article, written by our Executive Director of Career Management and Corporate Recruiting, Sharon Irwin-Foulon. 

The best schools follow a globally held standard of how and what to report, which is driven by the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance. While most schools will break down the percentage of students who report having an offer, it's important to try to understand the Reporting Rate: how much of the class this success-percentage is based on.

With our Employment Reports we target a minimum of 90% of our students reporting their job status. This helps the reader feel confident that the information provided is as robust as possible. For more detailed writing on this topic, please check out this article written by Sharon Irwin-Foulon, Ivey's Executive Director of Career Management and Corporate Recruiting: The Importance of a School's Employment Report When Choosing Your MBA