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Ivey’s Combined JD/MBA Degree

Where Business and Law Intersect

With the complex challenges facing today’s biggest organizations, the integration of law and business is a certainty. The combined JD/MBA program, administered jointly by the Western Faculty of Law and Ivey Business School, is for high-achieving leaders who are passionate and capable of managing the intensity of two demanding programs. The outcome is invaluable – a JD and MBA degree completed in three years, instead of four if taken separately.

What You Can Expect

JD/MBA students will start the MBA program in March and complete the business essentials component before starting first-year law in September. After completing first-year law, students will do both MBA and law courses in their second and third year. This schedule allows for summer internships after first and second year.

Who We’re Looking For

The combined program is an intensive, rigorous, and rewarding experience. We are looking for a select group of high achievers who are ready for this challenge. Applicants should demonstrate:

  • Leadership Potential: Demonstrated through professional, volunteer, or community initiatives and/or interests and passions

  • Quality Work Experience: Minimum of two years of full-time experience (typical average is four years)

  • Strong Academic Record: Demonstrated by a solid undergraduate average and GMAT of 600+ (Note: candidates with LSAT scores of 160+ may use their LSAT score in lieu of writing a GMAT)

How To Apply

Applicants for the combined JD/MBA program can apply in one of two ways:

Separately and simultaneously to both the Law and MBA programs

Students who choose this option are encouraged to apply to both programs as early as possible in the application cycle. Please review application deadlines for Law School and for the MBA Program.

Apply to Ivey MBA after receiving admission to Faculty of Law

Applications for the MBA component of the joint JD/MBA program can be submitted until the deadline in January for admission beginning in March of that same year.

A joint committee appointed by the Faculty of Law and Ivey Business School will decide whether applicants who are admitted to both programs, and who have indicated that they wish to be considered for the combined program, will be admitted. Enrolment is limited.


Tuition for the JD/MBA Program can be found on Western University's website here