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Bosco Tong

Born in Hong Kong, but raised in Toronto, I’ve had a diverse Canadian experience. Travelling back from both Hong Kong and Toronto over my childhood years allowed me to develop both a Canadian and Asian heritage that I am proud to retain.

I went to Queen’s University in Kingston for a degree in Life Sciences. Upon my junior year within my undergraduate studies, I made the shift from pursuing a medical degree towards a business career. I experienced my first taste of the business world as a summer intern at Scotiabank as part of the retail banking team responsible for acquiring new accounts within the international student and new immigrant segment.

Upon graduation, I worked for Target Canada helping with their first ever international expansion and had a great learning experience. I transitioned to Accenture Strategy where I was part of their management consulting practice based out of Toronto. During my time at Accenture, I’ve worked on a wide array of projects across the Consumer Goods, Retail and Financial Services industry segments. Further, I’ve worked on projects across retail strategy, market optimization, cost optimization and organizational redesign during my time at Accenture. I’ve also had the pleasure to travel to many states within the US as well as the UK during my project experiences.

I decided to pursue my MBA further various reasons. First, although having been working within the business world for the last four years, I wanted to complete a formal business degree to develop myself academically. Coming to Ivey, I wanted to enrich myself within the school’s strong core business curriculum as well as pursue specific courses in academic finance (such as Private Equity and Investment Banking) to develop a finance skill set that I did not have prior to my MBA. Secondly, I chose to come to Ivey because the MBA program focuses on developing leaders. I believe a core component of the program that enables leadership development is the diverse students that the school attracts. Being able to work with students across many undergraduate disciplines, previous careers, as well as different countries will allow me to become a well-rounded leader that will be able to thrive in any unique business setting.

Although I’ve only been here for a short amount of time, I’ve been impressed with the Ivey community like nothing else. The Ivey brand is a special part of the experience at Ivey as alumni across all of Ivey’s programs have a mutual respect and understanding of the school’s rigorous academic program and its effect on personal development across each student that walks through the halls. Without a doubt, I would recommend any prospective MBA student to consider Ivey as part of their educational experience. A class visit will provide a glimpse of the excitement and dynamic nature of an Ivey classroom along with an experience of the exceptional faculty that is part of this great business school.


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Bosco Tong

Bosco Tong

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