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Kwang Pithayachariyakul

I was born and raised in Thailand and came to Canada when I was fourteen. Having lived away from my family at a young age has helped me learn to embrace changes, to go beyond my comfort zone, and to appreciate the diversity the world has to offer. Because of this experience, I have been able to build valuable relationships with people I have encountered, whether it be in my personal life, or through school and work, and to also make the most out of the opportunities, as well as challenges, I have faced. The past few months at Ivey have consistently pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and I am happy just thinking about how much I have learned and grown during this short period of time.

Before joining Ivey, I worked as a project manager in real estate development, overseeing residential and commercial projects in Vancouver and Calgary. While I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I also observed the importance of critical business decisions early on, prompting me to explore the finance and investment sides of the business. By observing and interacting with my senior managers, I also recognized that effective communication, networking, and leadership skills would be vital in my future careers. The goal to make a career transition into finance while further developing these key competencies has led me to pursue my MBA. As I considered MBA options, Ivey quickly became my program of choice given its supportive alumni network, the unique one-year, case-method learning and the strength in staff and career management team.

While my MBA goal prior to the start of the program was very career-focused, after only a few months here I have realized there is much more to this journey. First, I have been impressed by how much emphasis there is on the sense of community and for giving back. Every alumnus I have encountered so far speaks of this with great conviction and genuinely inspires to do the same — to become a leader that would positively impact our community. Most importantly, I am thankful to be a part of this Ivey family because of my classmates. These intelligent, kind, and supportive individuals inspire me to consistently develop and challenge myself, and I am proud to call them my friends. I look forward to spending this next year with them, to share many more experiences, and to grow together, both personally and professionally. 


  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Commerce - University of British Columbia

MBA '17

Ivey Business School

Kwang Pithayachariyakul

Kwang Pithayachariyakul

Bangkok, Thailand

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